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My purpose in life

When I was admitted in the nursing home 20 years ago I had no idea what lay ahead. Though, I feel quite blessed that at many occasions when the night was dark and pain was excruciating I felt God very close to me. In those moments with tears running from my eyes I was just asking God to use my life and not to let it pass by as a total waste.

A question may come to mind that when I felt God so near to me why wasn’t I asking Him to take way my pain, to fix my bent-over back, that why am I alone, where is my wife, where are my kids.? Instead, it was all about asking for a purpose in life.

Now, I understand why I wasn’t asking for the things I needed the most. Those moments were purely spiritual where the soul was connecting with its Creator. The soul has no longing for this world thus has no attachment with any material aspect of life. That is the reason why my soul wasn’t asking for anything other than a meaningful direction.

In one of those spiritual moments with tears flowing from my eyes I asked God what could I possibly do when I am physically a wreck and financially zero? God said to me, “Rafi, go wish people happiness for that’s your purpose in life.”

My Poetry

Dear God, If This Is You Will
The words of this poem came in my thoughts at time when I was feeling quite down. The words gave me instant peace.

This poem vividly expresses my purpose in life that is to give hopes and dreams to others.

My New Year Wish Unconditional love is about making someone else’s happiness your foremost priority.

Lord I Know
To read the beautiful story behind this hymn please see my blog “My Most Precious Christmas Gift.”

I Still Want You
I had these feelings one day and I was able to capture them in my words.

Aged Eyes Plea For Compassion In this poem I tried to depict what I see in the eyes of a lonely elderly woman in a nursing home.

I Would Like To Say Sorry

My Songs

Reaching For You
The dance was performed by Rowena Roa aka Saayidah (RIP). She was one of the kindest persons I ever met. Saayidah was a strong supporter of Let’s Beat Cancer by Dancing. She always wanted to use her talent for any cause that would benefit others. When I requested her to perform on my song at our fundraising event. Like always, she gladly accepted the request. I pray that God’s blessings shower constantly like rain upon her soul.

My Stories