Patriotic Pardon, not Amnesty… Another Approach to Immigration Dilemma

There is a major flaw in the Amnesty Plan; it does not make any attempt to answer the fundamental question of loyalty. Patriotic Pardon Approach is certainly a step forward in that direction.

By Rafi Munim (Open Post) Updated May 20, 2013 at 10:40 pm

No doubt, the four points of the Amnesty Plan: to pay a fine, to pay back taxes, to go through criminal background check, and to learn English are compelling enough for a serious consideration by the Administration. However, there is a major flaw in the Amnesty Plan; it does not make any attempt to answer the fundamental question of loyalty. Perhaps, it isn’t possible to read the minds of twelve million people hopeful for amnesty.

Can Patriotic Pardon Approach answer the loyalty question? It too can’t measure individual loyalty with America in a definitive manner. But, it is certainly a step forward in that direction. It is a thought-provoking approach that needs further thoughtful consideration.

When providing the illegal immigrants a pathway to naturalization, the US Congress should expect from them to demonstrate their worthiness to walk in that pathway. Correspondingly, the illegal immigrants must understand that to emerge from behind and to become at par with those legally standing in the process of naturalization, they ought to be willing to take extra steps with extra responsibility to bridge the gap. This is the central concept behind Patriotic Pardon Approach.

What is a Patriotic Pardon?

It is a pardon for the illegal immigrants for their unlawful stay in the United States provided they sign a “Loyalty Contract” with America. The Contract substantiates their unwavering commitment to serve the country with their inherent strength of mental and/or physical faculties, as and when deemed necessary by the United States Government.

Signing the “Loyalty Contract” with the uncertainty of not knowing what challenges the task would entail, is in itself an act of loyalty.  Such a deed of patriotism deserves to be reciprocated by a patriotic pardon.

What is a Loyalty Contract?

It is a formal commitment to serve America that makes it possible for the signatory to the contract to receive a “Patriotic Pardon” – a pardon that provides a path to legalization. Any illegal immigrant age 18 or above can sign the contract. The Government will have the prerogative to assign any task to the signatory, anytime during a ten-year period from the date of signing the contract. The duration for any assigned task, will be five years or less. The contract will expire on the tenth anniversary of signing of the contract, unless, someone is on an unfinished assignment.

How to Implement the Plan?

  • The Congress will appoint a Human Resource Management Firm that becomes a liaison between all government agencies, such as: Immigration, Homeland Security, Department of Social Security, and Department of Labor, necessary for the implementation of this plan.
  • The HR firm will have its offices in all major cities and towns around the country. The offices will interview the illegal immigrants to determine their mental and physical capabilities, assist in filling out forms regarding their personal information, and signing the contract. Once an applicant passes the criminal background check, HR will further assist applicants in getting their fingers printed, a State ID, work permit, and a social security number. The office will also coordinate with the appointed physicians for medical examination and incorporate the physician’s assessment in the applicant’s personal file.
  • The HR will gather the information, according to the country of origin, age, education, skills, and along with any health concerns. The information will be shared on real-time servers with all the government agencies involved. The HR will recommend the suitability of assignments and tasks for each applicant.
  • The implementation of the contract will absolutely be a prerogative of the US Government.

How to Pay for HR Services?

A percentage of the applicant’s fine (or fee), depending on the amount of fine (or fee), will go to the HR firm to cover all its expenses and run a successful operation.

Voluntary Departure

Illegal immigrants not in favor of signing the Contact can take a Voluntary Departure. Those taking such a departure will not be punished from reentering the country provided they follow the US Immigration Laws.

Children of Illegal Immigrants

The children of illegal immigrants in the United States will also get an opportunity to sign the Loyalty Contract once they reach the required age of 18.

The Significance

The most significant aspect of Patriotic Pardon and its Loyalty Contract is to imply that to go through the pathway to legalization requires something substantially more than just paying a toll… it requires faithfulness.

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