Let’s Beat Cancer by Dancing

Regular exercise is the most effective preventive care measure against many ailments. This is the underlying concept behind our program—Let’s Beat Cancer by Dancing. Dancing creates bonding between people, and perhaps, the most fun way to exercise.

Regular dancing as a form of exercise reduces the risk of Breast Cancer in women of All Ages.

  • According to various studies, regular exercise with less weight gain could cut-down the risk of breast cancer by 20%. However, the studies also suggest that exercise could lower the risk of breast cancer by 30% in postmenopausal women.
  • According to a new study at Ohio State University, women diagnosed with breast cancer should remain physically active before and after treatment to reduce future risks and to enhance their quality of life.
  • Socialization and active life style helps in combating the anxiety and depression that result from the fear of recurrence in cancer survivors.

Dancing to Defy the Odds

We have so far organized 85 dance classes in a safe and fun environment where professional instructors teach different styles of dancing for an hour for just five dollars ($5).

To be a part of the future dance classes you are welcome to join our Meet-Up Group